Instrumentation Center at NTUInstrumentation Center at National Taiwan Normal UniversityInstrumentation Center at NTHUNATIONAL YANG MING CHIAO TUNG UNIVERSITY INSTRUMENT RESOURCE CENTERPrecious Instrument Utilization Center at NCUNTUSTPICCenter of Expensive Instrument Administrative, CYCU Core Facility center, Office of Research and DevelopmentNTUT Instrument Center
Joint Center for High Valued Instruments at NSYSUCore Facility CenterPrecision Instruments CenterCenter for Resources, Research & Development of KMU
Instrument Center of National Dong Hwa University
Instrumnt center of Chung Hsing UniversityCenter for core facilities in NCUEAdvanced Instrumentation CenterPrecision Instrument CenterPrecision Instrument Support CenterProject of sharing owned instruments of NCUTAdvanced High-Tech Research Center of National Chi Nan University


High Frequency Power and Noise Measurement System


Advanced focused ion beam system

成大貴儀 低掠角薄膜 X 光繞射儀

成大貴儀 Grazing incidence X-ray Diffractometer


High Resolution X-ray Diffractometer


Multi-function X-ray Diffractometer

PHILIPS CM-200TEM穿透式電子顯微鏡

PHILIPS CM-200 Transmission Electron Microscope

500MHz 固態核磁共振儀

500MHz Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer


Spherical-aberration Corrected Field Emission TEM